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Caring for your Sling

Washing Instructions for Your Ring Sling 

Always unthread your sling before washing.  Wash on cold/cold delicate cycle with a low spin cycle.  NO bleach!  Bleach can affect the strength of fabric.  Hang to dry. 

For the linen and sateen slings, I will sometimes place them in the dryer with a sock over the rings but to help lengthen your sling's life it is best to hang dry and then if needed, throw it in the dryer for a few minutes to soften the fabric and reduce wrinkles.

I do NOT recommend machine drying silk.  It can make the silk appear rougher than normal as well as reducing shine and shrinking the fabric.  Silk will shrink slightly in the wash cycle to start with.  Machine wash as described above for silk slings unless stated otherwise.  Your silk will soften when washed.  To regain any shine lost after washing, lightly iron/buff the sling on low/dry heat.  Be careful when ironing the silk!

Have any questions?  Please contact us through our customer service link for more help!

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